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Searching Trivelo
About Us

Know Trivelo

What is the best option: issue the ticket with miles or buy?

Have you ever imagined a single portal where you can compare the price of an airline ticket on hundreds of different sites, such as Hotwire, Priceline Expedia, Almundo, in addition to seeing the amount of miles in each loyalty program? That site exists. KAYAK and Moblix have teamed up to launch the world's largest ticket processor, TRIVELO! Search, compare, and choose the best option!

TRIVELO is a fast and simple travel search tool on sale, which compares hundreds of flights from all major airlines and sales sites, finding you the best deals on air tickets to national and international destinations. In addition, we research miles with the main loyalty programs.

Travel meta-searcher

Why are we different?

Price with Miles

The only search engine for airline tickets in the world that, in addition to searching for the best price on hundreds of sites, searches for the number of miles required to issue the flight in the loyalty programs.

Best Flights

At TRIVELO you will find the best offers for your trip. Our app searches for flights, hotels and car rentals on hundreds of sites. Everything you need for your trip is here.

Safety and practicality

Our services are completely free and free of charge. You will be redirected directly to the company website with the best offer.

Contact email

How does TRIVELO work?

Travel anywhere

Search hundreds of travel sites at the same time. Find the best prices among millions of flight, hotel and car rental options.

Compare thousands of options

In addition to finding the improved fare, you can see the number of miles needed to issue the flight.

Buy safely

Our website is completely free, with no fees. You will be directed to buy directly from the company with the best offer.


Want to know what is the best date to travel? Make your registration and access our Statistical Panel. You will be impressed to find out how statistics can help in planning your trip.

The best destinations with unmissable prices in the palm of your hand!

Download our app and stay on top of promotions and tips in an easy and fast way!

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